Thank you to the Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy for the most unreal weekend of learning and growing as coffee trailer owners and baristas.

We cannot even begin to describe what we gained from attending your complete barista training last weekend. As small new coffee business owners, you exceeded everything that we had hoped to learn from our weekend with you.

It was an intensive two days filled with relevant learning in a comfortable setting, making the learning experience valuable always. While maintaining the structure and expectations of what the course offers, Mike also tailored to our learning needs. We were always completely engaged in listening to the incredible amount of knowledge that Mike shared about coffee and the culture of the craft coffee business. The course offered the perfect balance of practical theory and hands-on learning.

Mike was sure to answer every question with relevant detail and thoughtfulness We appreciate the experiences and tricks that Mike shared with us throughout the course, that he has learned and developed through his many years in the business.

We also appreciated the care that the Toronto Campus took to keep us safe by ensuring social distancing, sanitizing, and following government protocols always.

Registration for the course was easy and there was ongoing communication through email until our course date arrived.

We were touched by the care and passion that Mike has for the small coffee industry and for those people like us who are just joining the community. We very much look forward to going back in the fall for some more private learning opportunities and practice.

Stephanie and Alison Room 104 Coffee

Room 104 Coffee Owners and Baristas
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