To all prospective Regional Barista Championship Hosts!

Date: Thursday, December 1st, 2011 Next year’s 2012 National Canadian Barista Championship will take place at the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show at the Toronto International Centre, Sep. 9-10, 2012.This year’s host sponsors and local committees did a superb job in hosting and operating the events. The Canadian Barista Regional Sanctioning Committee (SC) hopes again to stimulate local sponsorship and a grassroots enthusiasm for the event by building a solid local foundation of sponsors, volunteers and other invested players.

Once again, we are asking for proposals from organizing committees to host this event. This is necessary to keep this whole process transparent and the events open to all. The bids will be open for all proposals until January 31st, 2012. All proposals will be considered by the SC comprised of members of the Canadian Barista Academy, Fulcrum Events, the Coffee Association of Canada and the Canadian Head Judges Committee. The winning regional hosts will be notified by February 15, 2012.

We hope you are interested in again participating in these events. Remember, they can be as simple or elaborate as you make them. They are extremely time and energy rich events and many volunteer hands and hours are required. In this economy we must be wise with our expenditures.  Although we must promote and put on a good show, we need to be prudent in deciding where dollars are spent. The purpose is to run a good fair contest.  If we need to scale down to fit the budget, then we must do so.

Other issues such as publicity, advertising, audience experience, prizing, food, beverage, though very important will take a back seat in order ensure that we have a proper, fair, and competent regional championship that will select winners to the nationals.

We would like to hear from you on your interest in hosting these events for 2012 and timelines. We ask that you form your committees, if you have not already.  Please email the attached form by January 31st 2012, along with a budget and marketing plan for the event.

Fulcrum Media Inc.

Claire Kim


Phone: 1. 866. 688. 0504 ext. 141

Fax: 1. 877. 560. 1445

Should you inquire clarification or have any questions please contact Vida Radovanovic, e-mail: or cell phone: 416. 720. 0181



The Canadian Barista Championship (CBC) is an official competition sanctioned by World Coffee Events (WCE).The winner of the CBC qualifies to represent Canada at the World Barista Championship (WBC), which is just one of many WCE world championships.

All official Canadian national WCE sanctioned Competitions are under the auspices of the sanctioned Canadian Body, the Coffee Association of Canada (CAC). The CAC has designated the Canadian Barista Academy (CBA) as its competition coordinator.

The CBA ‘s responsibilities include but are not limited to :

Ensuring fair competitionsCBA has veto power over any aspects of the competitions that threaten the fairness of competitions.

Approve stage setups, machinery and all components of the competition.

Train, and administer a competent and objective judging pool.

The CBA has delegated the full responsibility of maintaining and monitoring the judging pool to the Canadian Head Judge Committee (CHJC) whose current members include Andrea PiccoloIan Clark, Michael Yung, and Amber Fox. Associate members for 2011 are Joshua Del Sol, Matthew Lee, Matthew Kolehmainen and Elizabeth Drobigs.

Fulcrum Events is the host of the Canadian National Barista Championship, and provides administrative and marketing support to the SC as well as facility support at its national trade show, The Canadian Coffee & Tea Show.


RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE Canadian Barista Regional Sanctioning Committee (SC)

 The Canadian Barista Regional Sanctioning Committee (referred to in this document as “SC” is comprised of members of the Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy, Fulcrum Events, Coffee Association of Canada and Canadian Head Judges Committee.

  1. Approve and appoint regional committee members.
  2. Approve stage layout and set up
  3. Train, calibrate and certify judges for the competition or appoint a suitable representative.
  4. SC may negotiate additional funding from other sponsors and suggest a sponsorship fee structure.
  5. SC will ensure that the competition is run fairly and that all rules are adhered to.
  6. SC will provide marketing assistance through its web site and email blasts in informing members of the community of the events in each city.
  7. All titles, authorities, images, pertaining to regional events, trademarked, copyrighted or not, remain the sole property of the SC and any use of the title for other purposes must require written approval from the SC.
  8. All marketing materials pertaining to regional events must be approved by the SC or its designate prior to publication. Approved materials will contain “Endorsed by” followed by the logos of the Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy, Canadian Coffee Association and Canadian Barista Championship/Canadian Coffee & Tea Show. If the regional organizing committee and any of its members intend to use any of the above logos on any printed or electronic media, written permission must be received from the SC. The WBC logo cannot be used on any regional materials without the written permission of the WBC and the National Sanctioning Body co-ordinator.
  9. SC or its designate must approve all stage layouts and equipment set up.
  10. SC or its designate holds veto power over any issues that may create conflict of interest either with competitors, judges, sponsors, signage, or any other issues that may impact the integrity of the event or SC, or are otherwise not condusive to promoting the goodwill of the regional barista competitions.
  11. SC is the final arbiter of all disputes and conflicts that may arise and may remove or appoint new committee members if it deems it necessary to do so.
  12. SC is not libel for any financial, insurance or other issues concerning the regional barista competitions and championships and or associated events.


  1. To act in the best interest of the regional championship, the baristas, the SC and the specialty coffee industry.
  2. To organize the event, and ensure that everything is in place to run a proper championship.
  3. Committees must provide (if required, as deemed by the SC) airfare and accommodation for a certifying head judge / organizer appointed by the SC or its designate to oversee judges training, approve stage set up, and other matters outlined above.
  4. Committees are responsible for raising funds to operate the event and therefore are responsible for any shortfalls in funding.
  5. All funds raised belong to the regional championship event and if the event does not happen, the committee must ensure all funds are returned to sponsors.
  6. Committees are expected to use sponsorship dollars wisely and solely for the purpose of running, and promoting the regional championships.
  7. Committees must supply all required equipment and materials outlined in attached excel sheet. Changes can be made to these requirements with the approval of the SC or its designate.
  8. Committees shall set up a full accounting of revenue and projected expenses, and submit copies to the SC or its designate prior to the event.
  9. Committees may NOT contract or bind the SC or its designate, Canadian Barista Championship/Canadian Coffee & Tea Show and Coffee Association of Canada to any liability or agreement.
  10. Any budget surpluses must be either used in prizing, held in trust for future events or other uses that do not benefit the committee members.
  11. Committees have no authority to determine who may judge or compete, score keep, or what machinery is used on stage.
  12. Committees will be responsible in sourcing volunteer staff, or paid staff to run the competition.
  13. Committees are responsible for all marketing and promoting of the event.
  14. Committees are responsible for insurance for the event and providing a copy of certificate 30days before the event.
  15. Committees are responsible for recruitment of competitors.

Agreed to this _________ day of _______________  2011/2012

Signed by committee members for the _____________________  regional barista champion of Canada  for the year 2012.

x_______________________    x________________________   x___________________

(print name and company below)

x_______________________    x________________________   x___________________

Please sign and return to: Fulcrum Media Inc., fax 1.877. 560. 1445., e-mail or mail to 508 Lawrence Ave. West, suite 201, Toronto, ON, M6A 1A1. This document must be signed and received prior to the event for the regional event to be recognized as a sanctioned Canadian Regional Barista Championship.

Download & print this document


Don’t miss the action brewing at the 
Canadian Central Regional Barista Competition & Coffee Expo

July 5 & 6, 2011
St. Lawrence Market North, Toronto

Coffee lovers are invited to attend the Canadian Central Regional Barista Competition & Coffee Expo. This year's location, the historic St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto will feature the region’s best baristas demonstrate the art of making the perfect espresso drinks and compete for the regional barista championship  title and one of six spots that will take the finalists to the Canadian National Barista Championship in Vancouver in October.  The two day competition and Coffee fair will feature coffee and tea samples from local coffee roasters and distributors of coffee products, confections and allied products, as well as coffee cupping and latte art demonstrations.

Each competitor must prepare and serve 12 separate espresso beverages: 4 espresso, 4 cappuccinos, and 4 "signature" drinks of their own creation. Competitors have only fifteen minutes to prepare all twelve drinks and are judged on various elements including station cleanliness, taste, beverage presentation, technical skills and total impression by a distinguished panel of local judges from the foodservice industry. The eventual winner of the Canadian National Championship will represent Canadian at the 2012 World Barista Championship. All the competitors will receive some great prizes for participating as well as valuable skill building experience. The events are open to the public with admission a suggested donation to a Coffeekids, a registered charity, helping families build a better life in coffee growing countries.

For information visit

Canadian Central Regional Barista Competition & Coffee Expo
2- day Central Regional Barista Competition and Coffee Fair Event, open to the public and trade

Date: July 5-6, 2011
Time: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Daily (times subject to change)
Venue: St. Lawrence Market North, 92 Front St. East, Toronto, ON

For more information on the event and sponsorships, booths, special events and to volunteer send queries to:


Breaking News...Western Regional Barista Champion Announced 
(click here for more information)

For Immediate Release

Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy 
Presents Western Region Canadian Barista Competition


July 4, 2007 -- The Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy will present the Canadian Western Regional Barista Competition and Training Workshops on August 14-15, 2007 at Heritage Hall in  Vancouver, BC. The event celebrates the skills of the barista; the consummate artist of the espresso machine. Some of Canada’s top “espresso bartenders” will compete for the regional title and a spot in the finals at the National Barista Championships to be held in Toronto in September.

The competition features baristi preparing a series of espresso based beverages in a very tight window of time for a discerning panel of official coffee judges. Judges rate the competitors on taste, design, speed, showmanship and creativity.

The Canadian Barista Academy will also offer hand-on training for those new to the industry or those who want to perfect their skills. Workshops offered include: Barista Basics & Espresso Training and Advanced Barista Training & Latte Art. A cupping workshop will also be offered. The training takes place on August 14, followed by the Western Regional Competition on August 15.

As the premier regional event in Canada, organizers are encouraging baristi from cafes and restaurants to sign up. The competition is open to both novices and seasoned operators alike, and some fabulous prizes are available to be won. The competition is open to the public and will run from 12 p.m. – 6 p.m. at Heritage Hall in Vancouver. It will feature a coffee and tea fair with table top displays where visitors can see and sample new products from the event’s sponsors. Proceeds from coffee sales will go to the Coffee Kids charity helping children and their families in coffee growing countries improve their quality of life. The event is open to the public. Doors open at noon.

For information call: 416 784-5210
Or please visit our website

The Western Regional Canadian Barista Championship sponsors are ECM, Nuova Simonelli espresso machines and Mahlkonig Canada
Other sponsorship opportunities are still available. Call today.

Click to download Western Regional press release (PDF)

Winners Announced for the third Annual Canadian Eastern Regional Barista Competition

The battle for the Best Barista in the East has been determined at the third annual Eastern Region Canadian Barista Championship held on April 14, 2007 at Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto. Women took the top three spots, as best baristas (espresso bar tenders) in a profession traditionally limited to men in Italy.

Kim Staveley, from Matter of Taste in Kitchener was the first woman to win a barista competition in Canada. Co-owner of Matter of Taste, Dawn Tran placed second. Both were trained by co-owner Phong Tran who had placed second in last year’s competition.

“This event was met with enthusiastic competitors and provided the audience with an opportunity to learn about the high level of skill it takes to make a proper espresso beverage,” says event organizer, Vida Radovanovic, president of the Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy.

This year’s regional judges included Toronto famed chef and restaurateur Chris McDonald of Cava restaurant, named best restaurant in Toronto this year by Toronto Life magazine and Wanda Beaver, president of Wanda’s Pie in the Sky, a supplier of desserts and pies to many cafes and restaurants in the city.

Tied for third place was Yvonne Ramirez of Dolce Gelato & Café on College Street in Toronto who created a signature beverage using gelato and Cathy So of Avenue Café & Bistro, a popular and café on University Avenue in Toronto.

The winner of the regional competition has secured a spot in the finals rounds of the Canadian National Barista Championship to be held September 16-17, 2007 at the Toronto Congress Centre. The competition is open to both novices and seasoned operators alike, and some fabulous prizes are available to be won – including the winner’s trip to the 2008 World Barista Championship. The 2007 World Championship will take place in Tokyo, Japan and Canada will be represented by our current national champion, Colter Jones of  Caffe Artigiano in Vancouver.

The regional competitions were organized by the Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy which also offers hands-on Barista Basics & Espresso Training and Advanced Barista Training & Latte Art and Barista Jams in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. The Academy will be presenting a Western Regional competition in August and offering more barista training classes at the Western event and in September in Toronto.

Donations at the event went to the Coffee Kids charity helping children & their families in coffee producing regions to improve the quality of their lives

2007 Eastern Regional Barista Championship Competitors and their scores and rankings:

  1. Kimberly Stavely, Matter of Taste, Kitchener Score: 570.5
  2. Dawn Tran, Matter of Taste, Kitchener 540.5
  3. Ivonne Ramirez, Dolce Gelato & Café, Toronto (tied for 3rd) 516.5
  4. Cathy So, Avenue Café & Bistro, Toronto (Tied) 516.5
  5. Matthew Taylor, Mercury Organic Espresso Bar 509
  6. Samuel James, Cherry Bomb Coffee, Toronto 452
  7. Chris Tellez, Espresso Post, Collingwood 444
  8. Alex Tran, Mercury Espresso Bar, Toronto 434
  9. Michael Empacher, F’Coffee, Toronto 338
  10. Elias Vastas, Ce Organics, Toronto 313.5
  11. Chris Wilson, Journo, Toronto 161.5
  12. Mathew Lee, Manic Coffee, Toronto (Overtime)

2007 Eastern Regional Winners Profiles click here

Head Judge & Sensory Judge: Aaron Delazzer – Director of Coffee, Ethical Bean Coffee Roasters, Vancouver , BC

Technical Judges: 
Les Kuan – Trainer, Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy / Technical Director, Canadian National Barista Championship, Vancouver , BC

Michael Riesberry – Café Consultant, Zuccarini Importing Company, Toronto

Bill Herne – Coffee Consulting Specialists, Toronto

Krys Hines – Coffee Consultant, Toronto 

Drew DeGeer – Senior Sales & Marketing Manager, Ce Organics

Sensory Judges: 
Chris McDonald – Owner, chef of Cava Restaurant in Toronto

Wanda Beaver – President & Director of Product Development, Wanda’s Pie in the Sky, Toronto / Partner with Dinah Koo, Wanda’s in the Kitchen with Dinah. Cookbook author. 

Sal Costanzo – President, Patera Marketing in Toronto 

Sevan Istanboulian – President, Roaster - Café Mystique / Toi et Moi Cafe in Montreal 

Baron Drobig – Malkhonig Canada 

Master of Ceremonies: Edward Graham - Sales and Marketing Consultant for Zuccarini Importing

2007 Eastern Regional Judges Profiles click here