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Barista Level 1 - Calgary

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Prerequisite: No prior experience required

Even if you have prior experience, we recommend that you take our in-demand barista level 1 to correct any flaws in your coffee making technique, which can and will affect consistency.

Without consistency, each and every customer gets a different tasting drink.

Barista Level I creates consistency through fundamentally sound technique that is well established through step by step instructions written and hands-on.

Topics covered:

  • Coffee myths
  • Fundamental theories of Espresso Preparation
  • Espresso equipment
  • Essentials of espresso
  • Consistency - producing a technically correct drink
  • How to grind, dose and tamp
  • Milk texturing principals
  • Basics of beverage preparation
  • Machine Maintenance

If you feel you don’t have mastery and command of any of the above, than we strongly urge you to take Level One.

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Maximum Class Size: Limited to 6 per instructor.

Please note, there is a minimum class enrolment for the course at our Calgary Campus. We will give you 7 days notice. At that time you can choose between a full refund or re-scheduled to the next available date.

Classes include printed take-away material.

Class attendees receive a certificate of completion from the Canadian Barista and Coffee Academy.

Accommodation nearby Calgary Campus 

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