Employee retention October 30, 2018 14:16

It is no secret that staff turn over in cafes is faster than perhaps in any other industry. Sometimes it can feel like staff leave faster than trees in the Fall. Jokes aside, this can be seriously detrimental to the smooth running of a cafe, so let’s consider why this happens and what can be done to minimise it.

The Facts about Staff turnover

Staff turnover in the restaurant industry can be as high as 100 % with 73 % being typical. Retraining staff incurs both financial and time costs. Each new staff member must be trained to work within the cafe - and even with prior experience, every cafe is different. Furthermore, the time required to retrain them can slow down the smooth operation of the business and will generally require the time of other staff members.

Besides these measurable costs, there are also other effects which, though more subtle, can have a profound effect. Every cafe has its dynamic within the team - changes in the staff, especially frequent changes - will of course affect all others. Beyond the team itself, frequent customers also contribute to the social dynamic, building up relationships with staff members. Understandably, they will notice changes in the team, and their familiar cafe may begin to feel less familiar. Saying “I’ll have the usual” may be met with a blank look.

What causes the turnover?

Some factors are under the cafe’s control and some are not. Seasonality is a significant factor that is out of the control of employers. When hiring students, it is understandable that they may quit after the Summer months. Although students may demand no more than minimum wage, it is therefore unreasonable to expect any more than a minimum level of commitment. By hiring people who treat baristaship professionally, paying them as such and offering them professional development opportunities, retention rates can be increased. The company culture is under control of the cafe. A winning strategy therefore, is to grow your employees as you grow your business. Forbes has reported that companies that are “winning the war for talent” are investing in their frontline, entry-level employees. As Jessica Lau has pointed out that the key to retaining talent is training, development and growth. “If you place restrictions on a person’s ability to grow, they’ll leave you for someone who won’t.” Taking the long term view and investing in staff can increase both employee satisfaction and retention. Now that’s got to be good for business!

How can the Canadian Barista Academy help?

We offer courses to up the game of both baristas, managers and coffee roasters. By training your employees with us, you not only increase their level of professional skill, you can also strengthen their relationship with your cafe and brand.

Our barista and business courses include:

  • Barista (Levels 1-3)
  • Coffee Tasting
  • Bean to Cup
  • Complete Barista Training Bundle
  • Opening a Coffee Business
  • Introduction to Coffee Roasting Course
  • Coffee Business and Barista Training Bundle

We offer these courses at both our Vancouver and Toronto campuses.


New Introduction to Coffee Roasting Course October 01, 2018 16:00

Learning to roast coffee successfully requires mentorship over a period of time, varying from a few months to a few years with lots of trials and errors.

In spite of that fact, we can teach you the fundamentals of coffee roasting, safety procedures, simple maintenance and basics about coffee in a weekend. Anything beyond that is not realistic in a weekend course.

Follow this link to the course description and upcoming schedule.

Special Guest Teacher at our Vancouver Coffee Academy Campus September 01, 2018 13:35

We are excited to announce a Special Guest Teacher, Cole Torode, our Canadian 2018 Barista Champ is coming to the Vancouver Campus on September 21st to teach and share " Barista Skills, Competition & Coffee Tastings " Course. Reserve your spot now with our early bird registration discount. Course Description: For one day only, Cole will be bringing his extensive expertise to the Barista Academy. Cole has been behind the bar, in the roastery and travelling the world to directly source coffee for more than a decade now and will share his journey, trials and tribulations from barista to business partner. For Baristas and Cafe Owners you will want to learn from Cole the step by step method “how to build a barista competition” to excel as a barista or a business owner. Some of the class time will be lecture, slideshow presentation, tasting, cupping, detailed use of the barista technical scoresheet, all of which will help improve your skills and the cafe you work in, on a day to day basis. You will also have a deliciously-rare opportunity to taste some of the espresso, cappuccino and signature drinks that Cole served at both the Canadian National Barista Championship and World Barista Championship. Space is limited, Reserve Now ! If you are Alumnus of the Canadian Barista Academy then you can save even more with the Alumnus rate. #canadianbaristaacademy #barista #baristaskills #cafebusiness #coffeeclass @starbeatevents @starbeattalent @rossocoffeeroasters @baristacanada

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Free Job Search and Listings August 30, 2018 22:14

If you are looking for someone to fill a position at your company or you are job seeking, then you are invited to join our Job Board.

Click here to join and see all the available jobs and people seeking work in specialty coffee.

This board aims to help all HR departments, Business Owners, Managers, Advertisers and Job Seekers. 

HELP US SPREAD THE WORD by adding your coffee friends, managers, suppliers to the group.

And, share the Job Board group with anyone who may find it useful.

Thank You!

1st Top Latte Artist Vancouver Competition June 19, 2018 10:34

Check it out! Our Vancouver campus has approved a new "Top Latte Artist Vancouver" competition.

Awesome prizes and lots of cash to be won.

It's very simple to enter. Follow this link to do so:

To learn more about the approval process visit

And here are our Top Latte Artist Special Guest Judges:

Cole Torode 2018 CDN Barista Champ from Rosso Coffee Roasters, Sammy Piccolo 4-time CDN Champ, Laura Perry a perennial Barista Judge from Lüna Coffee, Tristan Mapstone a perennial Barista Competitor from Fernwood Coffee Co, and Les Kuan co-founder of the Canadian Barista Academy 

Barista Job-Ready June 07, 2018 19:24

Coffee shops are the meeting outposts of our neighbourhoods and offices. To our youth they are often their first job, and it’s important to instil a solid work ethic, attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence that they will carry with them to whatever career they choose later on in life.

Come learn barista skills and fundamentals of coffee tasting, espresso and latte art, with world-class instructors at the Academy!

Combine  Barista Levels 1, 2 and 3 to use the discount code " jobready20 " to receive 20% off! 

These classes are fun, hands on and interactive using all your senses to teach you the fundamentals of good coffee bar practices.

Class attendees receive a certificate of completion from the Canadian Barista and Coffee Academy.

Register now to study in TORONTO or VANCOUVER with the 20% off discount code

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We have updated our icon for all devices and knowing that most people use the Academy website from a phone, we wanted to provide some easy steps for adding to your phone's home screen.

Here are the quick steps for adding the website to your device:

  1. In your browser (Safari), go to or go to Vancouver or go to Toronto .
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You're done!

Hotel and Bed and Breakfast nearby the Toronto Campus April 24, 2017 23:41

The Toronto Campus has partnered with some local B & B's and Hotels to bring the Barista Academy students discounted rates while studying any one of our barista or business courses. 

  • Clinton and Bloor B&B , 
  • Madison Manor Boutique Hotel, 
  • Kimpton Saint George Hotel and 
  • Rose Garden B&B! 

To learn more visit the B&B page or the Hotel page

Places to stay near the Vancouver Barista Academy April 04, 2017 08:30

The Vancouver Campus has partnered with three Hotels that are very close by our two training labs.

This preferred partnership will bring to you special pricing while studying any of our barista trainings, Coffee Roasting courses and cafe business courses.

Follow these links to learn how to obtain the discounted pricing and for more information in general: 

Preferred partner hotels nearby the Cafe Business and Barista Training Lab are:

And a preferred partner hotel nearby the Coffee Roasting Training Lab: 

Check out our new Barista Academy website ! October 01, 2016 08:00

Wow, this is really exciting! We have updated our website, check it out here and please notice that there is two ways to enter, either through the Toronto or Vancouver links.

Vancouver Coffee School campus:

Toronto Coffee School campus: