Welcome to the Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy

We are a group of dedicated coffee professionals and educators with a commitment to help people succeed in opening their coffee shops and to teach people who want to work in the coffee industry, solid fundamental business and barista skills.

We offer consulting services, in-cafe trainings and scheduled coffee classes at our 3 campuses. 

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Principals of the Academy have played an active role in the specialty coffee industry since 2001, establishing Canada’s first educational Coffee and Tea trade show forum, and the National and 4 Regional Canadian Barista Championships which along with the World Barista Championships jump-started the quality specialty coffee movement around the world.

Our curriculum has been closely based on techniques and principles which are effective in competition. These very principles and techniques also happen to be very effective for cafes, coffee roasters and baristas to learn and use to be successful. Because we have been doing this since 2001, we have found the most efficient and effective ways of passing on these skills.

The Academy’s instructors for “Opening a Coffee Business” have well over 35 years of combined experience in the Canadian and U.S. specialty markets.

All of our trainers have been involved as competitors, judges and facilitators at the Canadian Barista Championships. They will provide you with industry-standard expertise and hands on instruction in espresso preparation and latte art skills.

The Canadian Barista Academy's education focus is to be an open source academy that allows industry professionals to plug in and become involved as faculty. Our instructors are actively involved in building course content and in research and development for the coffee industry. Over the past 17 years, we have worked with some of the most talented coffee professionals from around the world; Canadian and World champions.

We stand proudly behind our course content, our instructors, our growing international reputation and our thousands of graduating students, many who have gone on to forge solid careers in the coffee industry both in Canada and internationally.

We are deeply committed to growing the Artisan Coffee movement in Canada, and this is why we actively share all our knowledge to all those who pursue coffee excellence.

We don’t have any alternative motives in our course offerings.

We do not want to sell you anything nor will we one day compete against your coffee business.

Our objective is to educate - we simply want to improve coffee quality in Canada, one cup at a time.