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Build your Coffee and Business Skills!

The Canadian Barista and Coffee Academy offers a variety of educational courses for those just starting out and professionals looking to improve their skills.


Want the proper skill sets to make professional espresso beverages?

The Canadian Barista and Coffee Academy gives you hands-on espresso instructions and theory, including 3-levels of barista training:

  • Beginner - Learn the Basics of Espresso.
  • Advance - Master the techniques and make the drinks.
  • Expert Latte Art - Pour like the Pros.


The Complete Barista Training Bundle is a comprehensive 2-day package that includes:

  • 3 levels of barista training- Mastering the skills.
  • Coffee Cupping Workshop - Learn about coffees origins, roasts and how to taste.


The Coffee Business and Barista Training Bundle is an intensive 4-day package that includes:

  • Opening a Coffee Business class.
  • Coffee Cupping Workshop.
  • 3-levels of barista training.


Group Training and Consulting

Our instructors are available for individual or Group Training and Consulting to meet your specific needs and get you (NOT YOUR started right away). Call us for more information at (416) 720-0181 or email: info@canadianbaristaacademy.com